Friday, December 2, 2011

Shawnee Christmas Parade

I love making memories with our kids.  Christmastime is the perfect time of year for starting new traditions and keeping the old ones alive.  The Shawnee Christmas Parade is one of the traditions that our family participates in.

This year was Channing's first year to walk in the parade.  She takes dance at Grace Dance Center and they participate in the parade every year. She was so excited to be involved.  She danced and waved to everyone as we walked by.  She's got a little extrovert in her!

Posing, waiting for the parade to start.

Channing's friends: LillyJo, Bree, Cora & ??

Here she comes!

Wave at Daddy, Ladybug! Do you see him?

There she is!

Gus does not have a group that participates, but he was ok with that, as I found out, because he got a light-up sword.  It's the little things for that guy!

He's ready to protect his spot on the route.

Piper rode on her Girl Scout Troop's float.  They were a scene from the Polar Express as the theme this year was a "Storybook Christmas." She wore some pjs and my robe layered over a coat and leggings.  It was a very nice day but turned cool quick as the sun went down and the wind picked up.

Hi Sissy!

Just off the float, waiting for hot cocoa and a cookie!

It's hard to tell now if they care about being in the parade, but I hope that when they're older and it's holiday time, that they'll reminisce about being involved with one of Shawnee's, and their momma's, richest and proudest traditions.  Here's to Christmas being just around the corner!

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